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At PalletMaxx We Offer a Full Range of Services Meeting Every Need at the Front End of Your Supply Chain, Including:

Heat Treatment

PalletMaxx offers full heat treatment services for all sizes and grades of pallets and crates. All heat treat facilities are licensed and inspected in compliance with IPPC regulations.

Import and export information:

Just-In-Time Delivery Service

We maintain an inventory of standard size pallets on hand for same day or next day delivery service. Custom sizes can be maintained on hand for Just-In-Time delivery.

Customer Service

PalletMaxx offers an in office customer support team that is available during business hours to take care of any last minute ordering needs or questions. Orders can be received by E-mail, fax, text message or verbally over the phone. In addition, our sales representatives are available 24 hours a day via E-mail to handle of any ordering needs.

Mold Guard

PalletMaxx applys mold guard to all standard or custom size pallets upon customer request. This application helps prevent mold growth on pallets after they have been manufactured.

Pallet Design System

PalletMaxx utilizes the Pallet Design System (PDS) to design custom pallet specification focused on customer's needs. This software allows us to analyze pallet capabilities and evaluate the proper application of each pallet before it is built.

Download Sample Pallet Design in PDF Format


At MaxxServices We Offer Creative Solutions to all your End of Supply Chain Needs, Including:

Buying your Broken and Excess Pallets

MaxxServices will work closely with your company to structure a buy-back program that meets all your expectations while maximizing your revenue stream. Whether it’s a dropped trailer solution to free up much needed warehouse space, a live load solution because dock doors are at a premium or a store sweep solution to help close the loop on total platform management, we will design a solution that will solidify a business partnership for today and for the long haul.

On-Site Pallet Sort and Repair Programs

MaxxServices will provide staffing to get your company out of the pallet sortation business and allow you to focus on your core competencies. We can provide programs custom tailored to help drive costs out of your supply chain while removing the hassle factor that sometimes comes with pallet management. Let our experienced professionals review your current program and show you ways that we can make things better.

Freight Collaboration

MaxxServiceswill study your existing transportation lanes and identify where we can work together to eliminate emplty miles and reduce your overall transportation spend.

"Other Recyclables"

MaxxServices can help you deal with the “other recyclables” that clog up the end of your supply chain. We can help with bailed shrink wrap, bailed corrugated as well as office paper and any other recyclable products creating a single source solution for your company that is both sustainable and profitable. With the possibility of combining products on a single trailer, your company can free up dock doors while continuing to “think green” and do things that are good for the environment as well as the company.

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